From Patricia A. Jennings, M.Ed., Ph.D. Editor, Norton Series on Social and Emotional Learning Solutions: “The SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING SOLUTIONS (SEL SOLUTIONS) SERIES features compact books for educators focused on recommended SEL practices from experts in the field. Cutting-edge research continues to confirm that teaching students social and emotional skills pays off in improved behavior and academic learning that continues into adult-hood as success in life. The books are intended to provide school leaders and classroom teachers with SEL tools and strategies that are grounded in research yet highly accessible, so readers can confidently begin using them to transform school culture, improve student behavior, and foster learning with the proven benefits of SEL.

Based in the most current research on adolescent social and emotional development, SEL Every Day is an accessible guide for teachers about how to integrate SEL into their instruction. Meena Srinivasan offers a holistic approach to SEL and academic instruction, rather than treating it as a stand-alone “add-on” or intervention. This approach frees time by efficiently embedding SEL into existing teaching practices. The book also provides easy-to-use strategies for promoting a positive school culture by building strong teacher-student and peer relationships, using approaches that are based in equity and cultural responsiveness. Each chapter begins with a story about how the SEL concepts presented in the chapter have been applied by an educator. Other highlights include notes from the field that clearly demonstrate how things work on the ground. In addition, the text explores the connections between SEL and the Common Core, project-based learning, personalized learning, and college and career readiness. I am confident that SEL Every Day will become your go-to resource for SEL instruction.”

SEL Every Day guides educators through:

  • Creating a relationship-centered classroom

  • Utilizing instructional practices to promote SEL across academic content

  • Making SEL explicit in lesson planning

  • Engaging in reflective practice