“Meena Srinivasan offers educators an invaluable resource for implementing SEL in their schools and classrooms. Drawing on her own experiences as a teacher and a leader, Srinivasan offers insights and suggestions that are grounded, actionable, wise and potentially transformational.” - Elena Aguilar, Founder and President of Bright Morning Consulting, Author of The Art of CoachingThe Art of Coaching Teams, and Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators

“Meena Srinivasan offers educators, parents, and students an important and timely book. Grounded in the recognition that cognition and emotion are inextricably linked, SEL Every Day presents both the research underpinnings and the practical actions that schools and teachers can take to develop students’ social-emotional capacities. Let me get personal: I have two young granddaughters and I most definitely want them to be with teachers who practice SEL – every day!” - Jay McTighe, M.Ed., educational author and consultant, co-author of the Understanding by Design® series

 “I could not put this book down! From Meena Srinivasan’s SEL Everyday: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning with Instruction in Secondary Classrooms, I learned numerous practices and strategies to integrate SEL with Common Core, as well as how to create learning environments where everyone thrives. SEL self-assessments, lesson planning templates, community circle guidelines, mindfulness practices, and reflective questions are provided, making it easy to integrate SEL into subject matter instruction!  An exceptional resource for teachers!” - Wendy Baron, MA, Co-Founder, New Teacher Center, Chief Officer, Social and Emotional Learning, Emerita

“SEL Every Day is the book that the field of secondary school SEL has been waiting for. It needs to be in the hands of every secondary school teacher who cares about teaching the whole child and knows that both teaching and learning are intrinsically social and emotional. Through Srinivasan’s own embodiment of SEL practices and her direct and extensive first-hand work with students and teachers, this book puts to rest the myth that the teaching and learning of SEL is separate and too time consuming for the secondary classroom. - Linda Lantieri,  Author, Building Emotional Intelligence, Senior Program Advisor, Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

“SEL Every Day masterfully addresses secondary educators' biggest challenges around SEL: how to fit SEL into the curriculum without taking time away from academic content and how to teach it in a developmentally-appropriate way that meets adolescents' needs. But Srinivasan takes these challenges one step further and centers them in a pedagogy of love—’the ultimate goal of SEL’-- where both the adults and their students ‘feel seen, safe, appreciated, and loved.’" - Vicki Zakrzewski, Ph.D., Education Director, Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

 "Educators, students, and parents alike are calling for more attention to social and emotional learning in our schools and communities.  This book paints a compelling picture of both the challenges and the urgency of ensuring our adolescent students experience SEL in their schools and classrooms every day.   Srinivasan brings rich knowledge of SEL research and lived experience leading and teaching SEL to this practical and inspiring guide to integrating SEL into our secondary classrooms." - Karen Van Ausdal, Senior Director of Practice with CASEL

“SEL Every Day is a remarkable map for guiding educators to integrate SEL into their secondary educational settings. Meena Srinivasan is one of the few experts who has done the real work of implementing SEL on a systems level, while embodying and modeling the true principals of mindfulness and SEL from the inside out. This book is full of practical, scientific, and strategic methods for cultivating a more compassionate school environment. SEL Every Day is accessible, full of relatable stories, and a delight to read.” - Daniel Rechtschaffen, MFT, Author of The Way of Mindful Education and the Mindful Education Workbook